Monday, June 27, 2011

New Dress a Day: Dress 1

One of my favorite blogs is called New Dress a Day where Marisa revamps clothes she finds at flea markets into fashionable outfits. She mostly finds dresses for $1, so its not like she invests a lot of money into each project. Now I'm trying it out myself!

This dress from the 90's reminds me of something Elaine wore on Seinfeld. I first removed the ties from each side seam and stitched up the holes. Then I cut off the bottom of the dress and hemmed it to knee length. I used the extra fabric from the bottom of the dress to make a long sash to tie around my waist. Because the top fit pretty well, I didn't need to alter it at all. Now I have a really comfortable dress that I can wear to work or even on the weekend. And I got it for free!