Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cake Decorating Class - Week 4

In the last class, we learned how to make the official Wilton Rose (among some other things). I made seven roses to put on top of the cake. To make the center rose sit a little higher than the rest, I piped a large circle of frosting in the middle of the cake to form a base. This base also made it so the roses around the edge would tilt slightly. After placing all the flowers, I filled in the holes with green leaves. I made a shell border around the base using tip #21 and put green and white dots all over using tip #3.

Cake Decorating Class - Week 3

In the third week of class we learned how to make lots of different things--teddy bears, clowns, and various types of flowers. Although one of my classmates was able to combine all of them into one Grateful Dead-esque cake, I took the safer route and decorated a bunch of cupcakes.

Cake Decorating Class

Last month, I took a cake decorating class at AC Moore. I knew some of the basics, including the shell border and cursive writing, but I wanted to learn a bit more. The Wilton cake decorating classes are really great! For around $30 (less if you sign up during certain promotions) you get 4 classes that are 2 hours each. You also have to buy the supplies, but they tell you exactly what you need and how to use it.

Here is a picture of my first cake!