I recently realized that I have way too many hobbies. The most logical conclusion would be to cut back, but what did I decide to do? Start a new hobby--blogging about my hobbies!!

I decided to call my blog the Project Diary because I want it to be a place where I can keep track of everything I'm working on. I'll post updates on my current projects, as well as some of the projects I've done in the past. I also figured it would be a great way to share my projects with family and friends.

I sometimes wonder why I am so "crafty," and have decided that it must be genetic. If you know me, you know that I've studied genetics for my career as a genetic counselor, so I'd like to think that I know what I'm talking about. Both of my parents are multi-talented and have many hobbies. My dad is very handy and his motto is, "I can fix anything, anytime, anywhere." I learned a lot about power tools from him, and hope to have a workshop of my own someday. My mom is also very crafty and is an expert at sewing and knitting. She also started teaching me how to decorate cakes when I was very little--because of her I am a pro at the shell border!

My family history in crafting also includes my 90-year-old grandma. She was the best cake decorator, and I've started to follow in her footsteps. She is so excited to pass on the torch (and all her supplies). I recently acquired all of the cake decorating magazines she's been saving--since the 1970's!! She's also going to give me the rest of her pans and supplies the next time I see her, so I can't wait to try new things!