Sunday, September 25, 2011

House Painting: Part 2

We have been very busy since the last house painting update. After work this week, I powerwashed the retaining wall on the side of the house one night. I also cleaned the front walkway another night, which was begging to be washed... 

Here's a better picture where you can see the difference between the clean left side and the dirty right side.

After I was all done, the walkway looked almost brand new!

The weather forecast said that it was going to rain all weekend, so I was disappointed that we wouldn't be able to get any painting done. On Saturday I did some shopping while Alan watched the Iowa football game. Afterwards, we realized that it still hadn't rained and decided to start painting the front of the house at 4:30. 

I didn't think we would get much done, but we painted for 3 hours and almost finished the entire front wall! On Sunday morning we started at 9am and Caitlin came over to help too. We finished the rest of the front pretty quickly. I also worked on painting the front porch. 



 Here is a closer picture of the freshly painted front porch. I picked out a color called "Raffia Cream" from Home Depot. It is just a bit lighter than the original porch color. You can see the difference if you look at the house numbers, because I didn't paint the wood background.

While I was working on the porch, Alan and Caitlin were working on the chimney. They scraped all of the sides and painted the back side from the roof.

 Can you believe we finished the front this weekend? We haven't painted the window ledges yet because we're not sure which color we want to use. We might use the same cream as the front porch or might just paint them the same color as the house. Which color do you think would look better?

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