Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pinterest Challenge: Yarn Wreath

It's time for another Pinterest Challenge! 

Sherri from Young House Love issued a Pinterest Challenge last week to make something based on an inspirational picture found on Pinterest (my new favorite website!)

I have been eyeing a bunch of yarn wreaths for awhile now, so I thought it would be a fun project. Here is a picture of one that I really liked, which you can buy on Etsy for $30. 

I also fell in love with these felt flowers. I played around with all different types of flowers, but found these instructions to be the easiest to follow.

Here is a picture of my materials. I couldn't find a foam wreath, so instead I used one made of straw. I left on the plastic packaging, so it was pretty smooth. I also bought cream colored yarn, a few sheets of felt, and some creamy metallic berries. I think I spent less than $15 for everything.

I ended up only using the purple and gray felt to make the flowers. They were so easy to make! I cut a strip of felt about 2 inches wide, then folded it in half and used a bit of hot glue along one edge to stick it together. Then I made little cuts along the folded edge. I started rolling the felt at one end and adding a dab of glue every now and then to keep it together.

Here is the finished wreath!

I can't wait to hang it up on our front door! 

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  1. I'm a pinterest junkie as well! Cute wreath... I'm diggin wreaths right now! I just finished one tonight that I'll be postin! I'm big on felt flowers and burlap!
    Thanks for sharing!