Saturday, April 7, 2012

Getting dirty!

Two Fridays ago, I came home to this in the driveway:

The plan was to fill in the low spots in the front yard with topsoil, because it was impossible to mow around the tree. We also decided to finally create a proper path from the driveway to the front walkway. When we moved in last year, we took the small pavers that were near the basement door to serve as a temporary path. It only took us one year to find a more permanent solution!

The forecast called for rain all weekend, so we decided to start moving the dirt on Friday evening after work.

In less than three hours, we had moved all the dirt!

 This past weekend, we went to a stone quarry on Saturday morning to pick out new stones for our walkway. We chose Pennsylvania flagstone in 2 foot squares. When we got home, we started to dig out the ground to set the stones. 

First Alan had to chop up a few roots that were in the way. He loved the opportunity to get out the ax!

It took most of the afternoon to get the stones leveled, but in the end we had a brand new path! 

On Sunday, we spread grass seed over the entire front yard and then put down straw on top. 

Hopefully soon we'll have a yard with actual grass!

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