Sunday, October 14, 2012

Transforming an Old Dress

I just finished transforming this dress that has been sitting in my bin of clothes to fix up.  I finally decided that I could turn it into a shorter tunic top that would look great with a pair of leggings for the fall.

Here is the before picture I took a long time ago (when my hair was much shorter!) 

 I cut off more than a foot from the bottom and sewed a new hem.
 I also cut a slit in the neckline to create a v-neck. 

Here is the finished top, which I paired with my new gray leggings and a black belt.

Doesn't it look much cuter now? I'm so excited to have a brand new piece that I got for free!


  1. What, no shout out for the photographer? Anyhow, great job! I need a hobby....Alan

  2. That looks GREAT! Love the "new" dress and your sunflower cupcakes caught my eye too - so sweet!

  3. So much cuter! I love that fabric and I bet you'll get lots more wear out of it now!