Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Burlap Roman Shade for the Back Door

We've been working on our back door recently so we have a nicer exit to our new patio. The inside door was painted red on one side (and very chipped), so I painted the entire door white. I also replaced the door knob and deadbolt so they would match the new door knobs we replaced throughout the rest of the house. Getting the old knob off was a bit tricky, but we eventually got it off.  

We also replaced the storm door. No more bars!! It's now much easier to see out the window. And the new door has a retractable screen built in.

 Now with these changes the door felt a little bare, so I decided to make a roman shade for it. I used a kit from Joann's that has almost everything you need. I bought some burlap fabric and topstitched green ribbon down each side. 

Doesn't it look so nice on the white door?

I really like how the new shade complements the other shades in our living room. In this picture you can see how the pillows on the sofa go well with the shades. 

This back door project took longer than expected, but I'm so happy with the results! 

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